Escape Game : Anatole Latuile

Anatole Latuile, Operation Morvox d'or

Help Anatole and Jason find the golden Morvox. With this Escape Game in Paris, you have one hour with your family or friends to plunge into the world of Anatole Latuile and solve a series of enigmas.

2 à 8
60 min

The mission

Anatole has to collect his most precious Startruc cards, including the Golden Morvox card, for the big draw organised by Fouille-Fouille...

You'll have to solve a series of riddles while evading the vigilance of the headmaster of Auzaguet school and Jason's sister Mylène. Laughter and thrills are the order of the day in this highly immersive escape.

An experience for comic book fans and non-readers alike: Anatole Latuile, the hero of J'aime Lire.

Anatole, aged 9, gets into mischief at a furious rate... Somewhere between Petit Nicolas and Gaston Lagaffe, his wild, inventive and transgressive universe is sure to please young and old alike. This game is for anyone who loves comic strips, humour and cheekiness.

> 3 levels for this mission adults, families or children.

Teams involving minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Escape game prices

1 player
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2 players
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3 players
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4 players
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5 players
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6 players
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Birthday escape game package

Birthday packages from age 6 for the Morvox d'or operation:

1 part: 7 children & 1 adult

1 game + 1 dedicated area for an hour before or after the mission (you can bring cakes and drinks...)

1 game + 1 dedicated space for an hour + 1 birthday buffet (cakes, sweets, drinks, decorations, etc.)

All the packs in one host!

To book a package, select your Pack at the time of booking.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Children's escape game testimonials

We had booked the space and a mission to celebrate my 11-year-old son's birthday. I was expecting a comic book/Cartoon atmosphere, but the decor is very realistic and adds to the immersion. The children left wanting to try out all the other Kairos escape game environments.
Escape game Anatole Latuile done with 7 children aged 12, really good, with the well-known atmosphere of the comic strip. Great time, makes you want to do the others!
Solène G
A wonderful experience at Anatole Latuile! The welcome was perfect, the decor was sublime and the children were delighted! In short, a magnificent evening!
Michael B
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1 day with the children on the Anatole Latuile mission

After taking part in the Anatole Latuile mission, the children tell us about their experience, their feelings and what they appreciated. 

The Anatole Latuile mission is the perfect escape game for family and friends. You can also celebrate your birthday at the same time.