If you have any other requests for an escape game, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Escape Game is a team game based on a story to be solved by finding clues and solving riddles.
In an ultra-realistic setting, you have one hour to complete your mission and find a way out of the room in which you are immersed. You'll enter a world specific to each storyline.
These games test your logical thinking, teamwork, observation and communication skills.
Listening is an important element that should not be overlooked. Physical strength is not necessary! Your strength will be your team.

We offer 4 different assignments:

- The Pirates of the West Indies, 1727

- Anatole Latuile

- Athena Space Station, 2540

- Tom-Tom as Nana

The "Pirates of the West Indies", "TomTom and Nana" and "Anatole Latuile" missions can be played by 2 to 6 players, and up to 8 players for children's birthday parties (7 children and one adult).

The "Athena Space Station" mission can be played by 3 to 6 players.

Not all our theatres are accessible to people with reduced mobility. However, Tom-Tom and Nana is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The missions at Kairos Escape Game are open to children aged 6 and over accompanied by at least one adult.

We don't have copies of our rooms but you can compete on 2 different missions if you wish.

You can offer a gift card to your friends for a game by selecting the number of players. You can also offer a gift card for an anniversary package.

Kairos Escape is located between Bastille and Place Voltaire, at 42 rue Sedaine in Paris (11th arrondissement).

You can get there by metro:

Bastille station: lines 1, 5 and 8

Voltaire station: line 9

Bréguet Sabin station: line 5

You can also get there by bus:

Lines 69, 46 and 56: Mairie du 11e stop

Lines 20 and 65: Place de la Bastille stop

Pregnant women are welcome in some of our rooms. Please refer to the information sheet for each room for details of accessibility.

Reservations can be moved free of charge up to 7 days before the date of the event. After this time, the assignment can be moved up to 48 hours before the event, but a €25 fee will apply. Less than 48 hours before the event, no rescheduling will be possible.

Prices are as follows:

       2 players: €90

       3 players: €96

       4 players: €112

       5 players: €125

       6 players: €150

Participants are asked to arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before the start of the game to allow time to obtain the necessary instructions to start the game.

If a team is late, its playing time will be reduced.


Example for an 8.00 p.m. reservation:

7.45pm: arrival at Kairos Escape

7.55pm: briefing

8pm: start of the game

9pm: end of the game

9.15pm: end of debriefing

Our game masters monitor and hear you during your experience, to help you and in case of emergency. So you're perfectly safe.

In order to follow and help the participants and ensure their safety, the game masters will follow the progress of the players during their mission. However, no images or sound will be recorded.

The Pirates of the West Indies, TomTom and Nana and Anatole Latuile rooms are accessible to two players or more. The Athena Space Station room is accessible to 3 players or more.

You can pay online by credit card or culture pass, but you can also book at our premises by credit card, cash or holiday vouchers.

All our rooms can be played in English. Contact us and tell us which slot you would like to play in English, and we will confirm whether this is possible.