Escape Game: Pirates of the West Indies 1727

Come aboard a pirate ship!

Enter Captain Pargo's ship, which has run aground on an island in the West Indies, and help him recover his treasure.

2 à 8
60 min

The mission

At the beginning of the 18th century, in the Caribbean Sea, the ship of the privateer Amaro Pargo was located near an island. It has run aground with the captain and the rest of his crew on board. In this pirate escape game, board the ship and set off in search of a fabulous treasure. You'll have to successfully avoid the traps and pitfalls you'll come across before, perhaps, you're covered in gold.

An adventure full of twists and turns, for adults and families alike, in French or English. Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

> 2 levels for this mission Adult or child.

Teams involving minors must be accompanied by an adult.

The room can accommodate a maximum of 6 adults, while the mission can accommodate up to 8 people for children's birthdays only.

Escape game prices

1 player
per player
2 players
per player
3 players
per player
4 players
per player
5 players
per player
6 players
per player

Birthday escape game package

Birthday party from age 6 for the Pirates of the West Indies mission

1 part: 7 children & 1 adult

1 game + dedicated area available for an hour before or after the mission (you can bring cakes and drinks...)

1 game + dedicated space for one hour
+ 1 birthday buffet (cakes, sweets, drinks, decorations, etc.)

All the packs combined, with a bonus presenter!

To book a package, select your Pack at the time of booking.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Not to be missed! We tried the Pirates of the West Indies game with our friends and we loved it: the decors are so good, you'd think you were there! The game is great and there's a surprise too. One of the best escape games I've ever done. Ideal for a great time with family or friends.
Agent Sabineairline
Ultra immersive After doing Pirate of the West Indies, one of the best escapes I've ever done (15/20 on my list), it was obvious to me that I should try the Kairos experience again, which is what I did with the athena space mission. The escapes games are ultra immersive, with fantastic settings, top-notch puzzles and very large rooms that create a well-constructed scenario. The welcome was always perfect. In short, a must for Paris escapes games.
Agent Iliena D