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Team Building in Paris

Get real results: strengthen and develop your teams' potential with an unusual activity. Do you want to unite your staff and partners?

Reward your teams with an incentive in the heart of Paris? Kairos Escape Game offers you total immersion with 4 different missions in its rooms. You'll be able to organise your seminar in an exotic setting far removed from the corporate world. Your staff will be immersed in settings inspired by cinematic atmospheres.

Players will then have 60 minutes to work together to solve the puzzles that will enable them to progress in the plot. To do this, they will have to pool their skills to overcome the obstacles they face and succeed in escaping or solving the mysteries that are put in front of them.

Kairos Escape Game can accommodate up to 24 people at the same time (48 people over 2 hours, 72 people over 3 hours, etc.), and offers Team Building Packs that include the privatisation of several areas with a buffet or cocktail to relax with your colleagues between games.

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Do you manage a company's cultural activities and want to diversify your offering?

Offer your employees an original form of entertainment. Kairos Escape Game offers a family-friendly leisure activity with the first Escape Room mission suitable for children (aged 6 and over).

The aim is for a team of 2 to 6 players to solve the various puzzles in an Escape Game mission in 60 minutes.

Kairos Escape Game offers 4 rooms with different missions that can accommodate up to 24 players simultaneously.


Test your future talents in an escape game!

Would you like to observe the skills of your future employees in a group simulation? Kairos Escape Game can help you analyse each person's abilities in different scenarios, depending on the storyline.

With our game master, you can observe different parameters such as decision-making, listening skills, teamwork or leadership... All data that will allow you to know the qualities and weaknesses of each person.

Slip into the shoes of a pirate, an astronaut or a journalist and uncover the secrets of different eras!

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