escape game Licence

Open a kairos franchise

Open your own escape game and benefit from the expertise of Kairos!

Would you like to embark on an incredible adventure and open an escape game in your town? Would you like to make a long-term investment in a world based on entertainment and human contact, offering unforgettable experiences? We'll give you all the keys you need to get started!

The added value of Kairos Escape Game

Kairos Escape Game offers you the chance to take advantage of a trendy and lucrative leisure activity with the support of a trusted brand.
With its strong identity, Kairos Escape Game is more than just an escape game. Thanks to our in-depth storytelling, every player will have an experience as soon as they walk through the door of your establishment. They'll be given special care and immersed in the world we've built together.


Take advantage of the visibility of a brand recognised by the general public

  • Film production sets renowned for their ultra-immersive quality
  • Personalised support at every stage
  • Booking centre
  • Marketing and digital communications
  • Reworking of a theme or original creation
  • A secure, viable investment for a fun, human adventure