Tom-Tom and Nana and the book of secrets

Tom-Tom and Nana keep a secret notebook in which they vent their frustrations about their fearsome Aunt Roberte and her habit of cleaning up after themselves. One morning, before leaving for school, Nana realises that the book of secrets has disappeared!

2 à 8
60 min

The mission

Catastrophe! Aunt Robert has just warned us: she'll be arriving in a few hours to do one of her favourite housework routines. She mustn't find the book of secrets! Quick, the players have to help Tom-Tom and Nana find it!

The game starts on rue Royale-de-la-Chouquette in front of the famous restaurant The right fork where a series of riddles, punctuated by clues as funny as they are surprising, await the players. A kitchen accessories representative, who has come to repair the royal chouquette machine, will help them on their mission...

The escape game has been designed to be played by children and adults alike. The level of play adapts to the age and level of the players.

It allows today's children to enter the whimsical world of Tom-Tom and Nana. And for older children, it offers the nostalgic pleasure of a return to childhood, to be played with by adults or as a family!


3 levels for this mission : adult, family or child.

Teams involving minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Escape game prices

1 player
per player
2 players
per player
3 players
per player
4 players
per player
5 players
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6 players
per player

Birthday escape game package

1 game, 7 children and 1 adult

1 game, 7 children and 1 adult + dedicated area

1 game, 7 children and 1 adult + dedicated space + birthday party

1 game, 7 children and 1 adult + dedicated space + birthday party + presenter

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Play the video

1 day with the children on the TOM-TOM and NANA mission

After taking part in the Tom-Tom and Nana mission, the children give us some feedback on their experience, their feelings and what they appreciated. 

Mission Tom-Tom and Nana is the perfect escape game for family and friends. You can also celebrate your birthday at the same time.

Tom-Tom and Nana are Bayard Jeunesse heroes published in the BD Kids collection.



Tom-Tom and Nana, the escape game the press are raving about