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Children's Birthday Escape Game

Take advantage oforganise your child's birthday party at Kairos Escape Game! The Pirates of the West Indies, Athena Space Station and Anatole Latuile missions are perfectly suited to children aged from 6 to... 77! You can also book a dedicated area for all your guests following the mission and bring your own drinks, sweets etc... Or leave it all to Kairos! Reservations can be made online, but if you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help. See our packages below!

Birthday Escape Game with friends

Would you like to celebrate a birthday in Paris and make a lasting impression? Organise an escape game for your friends or family. Kairos Escape Game can customise the different plots for your birthday party. For example, gifts can be part of the plot! Anything is possible to make your birthday event unique. Get in touch with the Kairos Escape Game team so that we can organise your event. We look forward to hearing from you!

Escape Game EVG / EVJF

Looking for an original venue for your bachelor party? From 3 to 20 people, we offer 4 different Escape Game missions. These Escape Game missions can be personalised according to our ideas... or yours! We can incorporate items belonging to the bride or groom: wedding rings to find, photos of the couple/friends, etc. Contact the Kairos Escape Game team and we'll help you organise your Bachelorette Party or Bachelorette Party in Paris - Bastille.

Escape games for children and families

Enjoy an unusual family activity with our Escape Game for young and old, right in the heart of Paris, at Bastille. Everyone has to join in to complete the missions and solve the puzzles! The Pirates of the West Indies, Athena Space Station and Anatole Latuile missions are suitable for children aged 6 and over. You'll be able to learn while having fun, and share moments that will remain engraved in your memories. An adult must be present on each mission.

Slip into the shoes of a pirate or an astronaut and uncover the secrets of different eras!

Birthday packages

Birthday packages from age 6

1 game for 7 children and 1 adult (duration 1 hour)

1 game for 7 children and 1 adult and a dedicated space for 1 hour after the mission. You can bring cakes, sweets, drinks...

In addition to the dedicated space and the party, Kairos takes care of the birthday buffet (cakes, sweets, drinks, decoration).

All the packs combined, with a bonus presenter!

To book a package, select your Pack at the time of booking.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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